I can do as much or as little for you as you like.

You may just want your printed photos/memorabilia scanned and saved digitally. You may want them organised on your computer so you can find them easily. You may just want a photo book made.

Every situation is different – during your Free 30 minute Phone Consultation, I will listen to you, and work out a plan with you, to prioritise your needs.

This will depend on how much you would like me to do for you. The Initial 30 minute Phone Consultation is free.

After the Initial Phone Consultation I charge $55/hr for any scanning, organisation and other work I perform for you. I am happy to discuss your budget and work out something you can afford that also meets your needs.

I would also recommend that you purchase 2 external hard drives for a reliable backup strategy. The first is to store your photos on and the 2nd is a backup of the first one. This is industry best practice and is a small investment for peace of mind. I will also ensure your photos are saved in the “Cloud” of your choice and that this links to your external backup drives. I can arrange the purchase of the hard drives – the cost will be approx. $200 which is significantly less than the cost of a data recovery service which can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I accept cash and bank transfer.

I have partnered with Damien Downes from damienit.com.au. Damien is a professional IT expert who will come to your home and retrieve all your digital photos and save them onto an external hard drive to give to Your Photo Organiser. He can also create backup systems for all your photos, set up your devices to save all new photos into the same place and fix any other IT problems you may have.

Damien will invoice you directly but I can organise for him to visit you.

Only if you want to! Most people want to continue using the software they currently use so we can teach you how to maintain your photos on that platform. I am also happy to recommend new photo software if you want to try something different.

I can start anywhere you like. If you have a specific project or deadline in mind we will work toward that goal. If you don’t have a preference, I would send Damien in to secure all of your digital photos in one place while at the same time I will start scanning your printed photos. These are the most precious as they can be lost/damaged in a fire, flood or other natural disaster.

I can do it for you or I can teach you how to do it yourself. If you would like me to maintain your photo collection, we can arrange monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual maintenance check-ups.

No problem at all. My photo organisation system can easily accommodate these “late additions” to your archive. Any extra work required is $50/hr.

I personally scan all your photos in my office. They are not outsourced to third parties.

Yes, they are safer with me than they are in your garage or a dusty old box. I follow industry best practices, such as wearing white cotton inspection gloves when handling your physical photos, and making daily backups of your digital files. I care for your photos as if they were my own.

Your trust and privacy are important to me and essential to my business. I am the only person who sees and handles your images.

Yes! I am fully insured for your benefit and mine.

Your Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation