Photo organising


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Printed Photo Organising

Step 1 of printed photo organising is sorting messy boxes of photos into chronological or event categories, removing duplicates/blurry/dud pictures (I will always check with you before discarding any photos!) and storing them in photo safe boxes.

Step 2 is to scan the sorted photos and save the digitised images onto your computer into an easy year/event based folder structure so you can find all your photos quickly and easily.

As part of this process I will name all your photos by year and event to make them simple to locate. I will also ensure they are backed up to an external hard drive and a “cloud” of your choice, ensuring your precious memories will never be lost.

Digital Photo Organising

Step 1 of digital photo organising is much the same as printed photo organising – just without the physical mess!

Once we have gathered together all your digital photos from all your devices, I will use specialised software to help sort and remove duplicate/unwanted photos into a chronological based folder structure. I will rename the photos accordingly to enable you to find your photos quickly and easily.