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Digital Photo Retrieval

Do you have photos scattered across your phone, SD cards, USB’s, iPad/tablet, PC/Mac, Cloud and other devices?

Your Photo Organiser has partnered with IT professional Damien Downes from to solve this problem.

Damien will come to your home, retrieve all your digital photos, save them into one place and create both hard drive and digital backups to ensure your memories are safe and easily accessible in one place.

Damien can also create an automatic save of any new photos you take so that they divert to the same one place as the rest of your collection.

Once Damien has safely retrieved all your photos, I can then assist you with your Digital Photo Organising.

Photo Backup Systems

A good backup system is essential to protect your photos. Ideally, you should have an External Hard Drive (EHD) and a cloud based storage system that sync to each other constantly.

Depending on what type of computer set-up you have, Damien will ensure all your backup needs are met so that you can rest easy that all of your precious memories will never be lost.